Squatted / Abandoned properties

Previous tenants of homes whether rented or otherwise can leave behind hazardous items, especially when they leave in a hurry.

Our experienced team can not only recover sharps and drug paraphernalia but can also assist with the removal and treatment of biological hazards such as body fluids or excrement or odours that may be present or the remaining items left by the previous tenant.

Often it is necessary to remove rubbish or trim lawns to conduct a thorough sweep and we can assist with this to locate and remove all possible hazards.

We also offer all levels of Methamphetamine Residue testing, so we can identify if the property is contaminated and include this in our scope.

Tennant Evictions

When tenants are evicted from a property they can often leave behind all manner of personal items and belongings.

This includes needles, drug paraphernalia, illicit substances and weapons.

To best protect your staff and future tenants we recommend employing Sharps First to locate and remove and hazardous items so the property can be safe and tenanted again as soon possible.


Squatted properties are often littered with needles, drug paraphernalia, illicit substances and weapons.

Sharps First can provide a thorough clearance of the goods squatters leave behind, especially as they often leave in a hurry.

Once the sweep has taken place other trades are safe to proceed with their works



Sharps First can respond to needle clearance requests at commercial sites quickly to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. We provide a certificate of clearance and guarantee in most cases to ensure peace of mind.


Public Spaces

Parks, footpaths, playgrounds etc

In some cases, local councils have services you can contact to arrange collection of sharps found in public areas. This is not available in all municipalities and is limited depending on the physical location of the items of concern.

Wherever the location, Sharps First can assist in collecting and safely disposing of sharps.

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