Methamphetamine Residue Testing

Methamphetamine Residue Testing is a useful way to protect a home or vehicle and the people within these spaces. The residue caused by the use or manufacture of Methamphetamine can be harmful and absorbed into a person’s system, having considerable side effects on the health and wellbeing of future inhabitants.


Indicative Methamphetamine Residue Testing will give you an on-the-spot indication of whether contamination is present over the guideline level of 0.5ug/100cm2. This is useful as it is a cost effective and quick way to identify if contamination is present over the guideline level.
The kits used by our technicians are the best on the market in Australia, providing accurate results quickly.


Our trained technicians can take at least one sample from each area, and these will be analysed as one composite set of up to 10 samples. This is an effective way of establishing if contamination is present, but as samples are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis, results can take up to a week to become available. If the results suggest contamination is present, these same samples can then be analysed individually meaning an additional attendance and call out fee is not required.

Full Analysis

This is a full analysis of all areas within the property. This allows us to identify specific levels and locations of contamination throughout the home and develop a decontamination plan if necessary.

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